Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Cast

William Morris – Stocky, burly man with messy clothing stained with paints and dyes. Prone to comical, short bursts of petulant anger, he was quick to settle and laugh at himself. He is often jingling his watch.
Jane Morris – Very tall woman, passive in conversations, and quite silent. Although she speaks very little, she listens and is good-humoured and has a beautiful laughter. She wears plain dark dresses with a lot of fabric, and bead necklaces.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti – A serious fellow, very passionate and intense, smiles rather than laughs. Can be sarcastic at times.
Lizzie Siddal – A depressed drug addict whose mood shifts from manic to drowsy. She dresses in a striped dress. She has long red hair.
Georgie Burne-Jones – Tiny and headstrong, very smart and speaking very sharply and decisively.
Edward Burne-Jones – A simple guy really, extraordinarily talented artist just a good friend to everyone.
Algernon Swinburne – Very theatrical, kinetic and excited. Being very entertaining and witty, he is everyone's darling. A short red-head with a mustache.

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